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Value Farm Habitat

Value Farm Habitat connects farmers, communities and businesses to support action that protects and enhances our vital native habitats.

More than 60% per cent of Australia’s land mass is owned and managed by farmers.  Farmers play an important role in caring for the environment, extending from local creeks and forests to the world’s largest coral reef, the Great Barrier Reef.

Value Farm Habitat is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that helps farmers build an accurate environmental profile of their own farm, a group profile with their neighbours, and with other farmers who share their passion for our native animals and plants.

Everyone can view and share our farmers’ stories, goals and progress. 

Follow the Sowing Club, our pilot group of innovative farmers from the Nogoa and Comet river catchments, which flow into the Great Barrier Reef, as they build Value Farm Habitats’ first environmental profile. 

Sowing Club has joined Value Farm Habitat

1 August 2016

Sowing Club
Emerald, QLD

ValueFarm has launched!
The new website launched this week.

29 July 2016

Value Farm Habitat
Queensland, Australia

Biodiversity Assets Conserved Today
15,619 hectares
17 farms
1599 ha Remnant vegetation
482.5 ha Endangered
199.2 ha of concern
57.7 ha Essential Habitat
979.5 ha Wetlands and wetland system ecosystems
483.9 ha Wetlands
495.6 ha Wetlands, river and creek bushland

Latest photos from the farmers

Water and Wildlife Reserve
Graham Volck
Nogoa River
Greg Kauter
Wetlands Water Lily
Greg Kauter
Greg Kauter
Greg Kauter
Snubfin Dolphins
Fitzroy Basin Association

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