Farmers are supported and rewarded for conserving and reinstating native habitat while maintaining productive farms and rural communities.

Our Story

Frustrated with the inability to define the real value of natural habitats and faced with constantly changing environmental legislation, founder Liz Alexander and farmer Graham Volck looked for ways to move beyond the minimum standards for habitat preservation and reengage farmers with the wider community to share real stories of change.

Liz felt that technology could overcome many of the historic barriers to better practice, such as onerous record keeping and access to relevant scientific knowledge, and the Australian community would welcome being involved.

The result is Value Farm Habitat.

Value Farm Habitat is an un-incorporated group led by industry members and farmers who are passionate about their environment—with some expert help. We are grateful to natural resource management organisation Fitzroy Basin Association, who are providing us with a governance structure to hold and manage our pilot project funds.

Liz Alexander

Project Leader and Founder

Based in the Central Queensland town of Emerald, Liz is a long-term supporter of sustainable agriculture and regional communities. Through her business Blue Dog Agribusiness, she has helped Central Queensland cotton growers undertake on-ground activities that improve water quality flowing to the Great Barrier Reef, conserve and protect biodiversity, improve production, and actively participate in the cotton industry’s Best Management Practices program for more than 15 years. Liz has extensive networks throughout the cropping, natural resource management, environment and government sectors and has been recognised at a regional and national level for her service and achievement in grains, cotton and extension endeavours.

Graham Volck & the Sowing Club

Unofficial “leader” of the Sowing Club group of farmers, Graham is a passionate advocate for biodiversity. He has voluntarily regenerated biodiversity reserves on previously cleared country on his farms and uses that experience to promote change.

The Sowing Club are proactive farmers who meet regularly to benchmark, discuss, trial and research best practice in areas of water, soil health, pests, weed and disease management, and work cooperatively on an area-wide or landscape basis.

Find out more about Graham and other Sowing Club farmers


Value Farm Habitat has an expert advisory group who are volunteering their considerable experience and knowledge to ensure our platform meets high standards of environmental reporting and provides links to relevant information.

  • Dr Bruce Kefford Chair of the Biosciences Research Centre Joint Venture, former Director Environment and Primary Industries, Victoria
  • Claire Rodgers Executive Officer, Central Highlands Regional Resources Use Planning Cooperative (CHRRUP)
  • Dr Joanne Daly CSIRO Fellow, former Chair of the International Global Biodiversity Information Facility
  • Juliana McCosker Principal Biodiversity Planning Officer, Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, Queensland
  • Professor Leith Boully Chair of Healthy Waterways, Centre of Excellence for Water Recycling, and former Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) Catchment and Coastal Reef Advisory Committee member


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Images © Pavel German, Fitzroy Basin Association, Liz Alexander, Graham Volck

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